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Evidence in Science and Religion

Part 1 Citing Chapter and Verse: Which Scripture Is The Right One?

Part 2 Evidence in Science and Religion

Thinking The Twentieth Century

Tony Judt’s Last Act: Sounding The Alarm

The New York Review of Books

Charlie Rose’s Green Room with Tony Judt

The Leaderless Revolution

The Leaderless Revolution: How Ordinary People Will Take Power And Change Politics In The 21st Century by Carne Ross

Social Darwinism: Obama, Brooks and The Stone

Obama’s speech

David Brooks critique (The Other Obama) and note the damning comments from readers on this

The Stone responds more deeply

“Without enormous support, access to inspiring teachers and skillful doctors, the backing of self-sacrificing relatives and a broader community, and without a fair bit of luck, the vast majority of people, not only in the United States but throughout the world, would never achieve the things of which they are, in principle, capable. In short, Horatio Alger needs lots of help, and a large thrust of contemporary Republican policy is dedicated to making sure he doesn’t get it.”

Expect Lower Returns and Surprises

NYT Investments

ePubs and Libraries of the Future

Libraries of the Future see comments for discussion of software for ePub production

Calibre -ebook management

Sigil – a WYSIWYG ebook editor

Colour coordination with photos

Buying photos

How to self-publish an ebook – a great overview article with many links to key sources

The Lottery for Tenure Track Assistant Professors

Why Are Harvard Graduates in the Mail Room?

Note for the prof wannabees the pay-off is in “job satisfaction”

OnLive Desktop, Watch It

OnLive Desktop

This iPad app sounds fantastic as long as you have good internet connection , according to Pogue

OnLive says that its service works great over 4G cellular connections (like the one provided by an LTE MiFi) — but 3G connections and feeble hotel Wi-Fi hot spots are too slow to be satisfying. OnLive wants at least a 2-megabits-a-second connection on your end.

BUT note company is developing a version to run on Mac and with wider selection of software

Connections With Integrity

A most interesting article by the developer of Linked In on the pros and cons of alternative strategies for forming alliances and coalitions as an individual and an organization. Appeals to my biases. What does it say about collaboration in the academy? What are perspectives of alternative literatures on this? Very positive responses from those commenting.

Multi Disciplinary Perspectives on Society

The Materialist Fallacy – David Brooks

Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010 Charles Murray