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The Challenge of Indices: Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Sustainability

Mystery of the 60Euros Chateau De Beaucastel

A Choir School Education

English Choir Schools

St. John’s College Choir School, Cambridge (1953-1957)

The Kings School, Ely (1957-1962)

Blogging As A Two-Way Street

Andrew Revkin “You can learn more about my approach in a “Research Chat” I did with John Wihbey for Journalist’s Resource, a project of Harvard University’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy. My post on “Reliable Sources in an Age of Too Much Information” may also be helpful.

“…I’m a self-described selfish blogger. I use my posts to learn, to test my preconceptions, to be inspired by fresh views I would never encounter without the marvel of Web connectedness.”

So Much Fun. So Irrelevant.

As usual Tom Friedman’s ideas stimulate thought and diverse reactions – reading the comments on this article illustrate so very well how others see the past, present and future so very differently depending on their circumstances, experiences, values, ideology, worldview etc. What should a progressive sustainability planner do?

Someone Else With A Weird Career

Mathematics plus people leadership skills, a very powerful combination

Feeling Overweight? Want to Reduce? You Must Read This

The Fat Trap

Responsive Design: The New Wave of Web Development

The Web Revolution That Started in Your Pants

The Technology Behind

The Multiverse: Really, Really Big Questions for Planning Theorists

Really, Really Big Questions

& Are planning theorists and practitioners seeing each other in the same ways theoretical and experimental physicists are coming to perceive one another in the Multiverse? The Accidental Universe: Science’s Crisis of Faith

Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Lisa Randall

The Old Order Changeth

It would be interesting to take a similarly irreverent look at the agendas for many planning conferences.

Leadership Lessons from the Shackleton Expedition

Implications for UBC, CFIS, SCARP, IRES, PIBC/CIP and beyond