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The Muses of Insert, Delete and Execute

NYT article on the impact of word processors on writing. I began writing my first typewritten book on a computer with the first Mac in 1984 – Bargaining in the Governance of Pacific Coastal Resources, published in 1986. Taught myself to type at the same time using a software program that ran on the Mac. Prior to that all my books were handwritten and then typed by one of the Westwater secretaries, beginning with The Uncertain Future of the Lower Fraser published in 1976.

Outstanding Reading Resources

Now that I am retired, I am much more free to read what I like, whenever I want to. So I am interested in more easily locating the good reads that are free or near-free on the web.

Courtesy of¬†David Brooks column in today’s NYT I have stumbled across 3 great reading resources that include each of the sites I already visit on a daily or periodic basis and many, many more:

Just from a quick look at each I immediately got drawn in to three very interesting reads:
The Kiss from Longform
Note the resource sites provide simple options for saving to read later on all kinds of devices (e.g. iPad) and using varied software (e.g. InstaPaper).

MIT Expands Free Online Courses & More

NYT article and note it is going to make the software available. What is happening at UBC?

Planetizen Courses available through App for  iPhone and iPad

Understanding Rankings: What a Planner Should Know

The Order of Things: What College Rankings Really Tell Us by Malcolm Gladwell in The New Yorker 2011

And so to question:

McCleans ranking of Canadian universities and colleges

Rankings of Sustainability for North American universities

Rankings of planning programs by

Assessing performance of university departments

Assessing faculty for merit, tenure and promotion

Use of indicators such as GDP, Genuine Progress, Wellbeing etc

Are Selfish People Disproportionately Likely To Become Economists?

Yoram Bauman, Environmental Economist, University of Washington

For a good laugh and an outstanding example of inspired lecturing technique listen to his Ten Principles of Economics

Walk Out, Walk On: A Learning Journey Into Communities Daring To Live The Future Now

Walk Out, Walk On by Meg Wheatley and Deborah Frieze (2011)

Summary of Meg Wheatley’s focus on Perseverance

Getting Rid of Cable and Wifi and Bringing in the World

Great review articles by G&M

Public Participation and Local Government

Institute for Local Government: Promoting Good Government at the Local Level in California

Perspectives on Public Engagement and Local Government

Why Canadians Don’t Vote

Creating a Democratic Health Index

Samara Canada

Vegetarian Thanks Giving

Great sounding recipes to test