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Writing a Book in WordPress: Advice and Examples

How to Write a Book in WordPress (brief, basics and to the point for me)

An Open, Webby, Book-Publishing Platform by Hugh McGuire a very useful overview of what is needed

It leads to the SFU students’ prototype The Book of MPub (need to review chapters)

Note particularly the chapter Pix or It Didn’t Happen: Social Networking, Digital Memory, and the Future of Biographyby Cynara Geissler . A quote introducing her chapter led me to Mary Schendlinger (Google her varied activities) and Roberto Dosil (listed among those advising and consulting; need to contact him).

Mary Schendlinger writes: “When one edits (and reads) biographies, one looks not only for accurate, interesting, well-organized information that tells a story and illuminates a life, but also for the presence of the biographer: a guiding intelligence that interprets the data, pointing out themes and threads, connecting incidents and documents, sorting and riffing on anecdotes supplied by others, and making some educated, compassionate guesses about what it all means.” So what is the role of the biographer, now that social media puts these tasks in the hands of the subject? Cynara Geissler drives home the point introduced by Eva Quintana: the accessibility of information in the digital age demands more, not less, curating [The Book Oven and Self-Publishing].

 Also note in the Colophon, last item in ToC,  the reference to Roberto’s guidance and the work of the “pressplay production team”

Note Pressbooks, who sent me an email (and see blog), about introducing a WordPress plugin for Pressbooks at end of January 2013 CHECK

NB Zinepal is a Victoria company that produces e-outputs and print from blogs and web sites

Dan Cohen Using WordPress as a Book-Writing Platform

The Ivory Tower and the Open Web: Introduction: Burritos, Browsers and Books

Stephanie Leary

Beginning WordPress 3 (based on reviews hold off on buying)

BUT Chapter 4 Working with Content is very useful for me and understandable

Writing and Publishing 101 worth selectively reviewing

WordPress for Dummies

Bonus Chapter 1 Designing for WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)

Bonus Chapter 3 Ten Great Sites That Use WordPress as a CMS

WordPress All-In-One for Dummies Index


Power of Concentration

The Power of Concentration

See Maria Konnikova’s web site

2013 Book Master-Mind: How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes

Book chapters appeared in Scientific American

The King’s School, Ely 1958-1963

The King’s School Ely

The King’s School Ely News Summer 2010

The King’s School, Ely: A collection of documents relating to the history of the school and its scholars. Edited by Dorothy Owen and Dorothea Thurley 1982

Ely Cathedral – lots of good info on history, events and items from online store

I Was Glad: The Memoirs of Christopher Campling, Dean Emeritus of Ripon Cathedral

Chapter 15: The King’s School, Ely p. 173-

Talks about his time there as Chaplain in 1955 around the same time that Ben Fawcett became Headmaster. Focuses his story on his time there with responsibilities for teaching Religious Education to all grades, relation with Rev. Alfred Taylor (RAT), and all kinds of interesting details about the life of a chorister and his relationship with them and all those involved in music at the School.

The History of a History Man, or, The twentieth century viewed from a safe distance : the memoirs of Patrick Collinson .

Chapter 4 The King’s School, Ely

No Sweat: Less Stress in Higher Ranks

Interesting results of both biological and psychological testing with literature review reported in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences

Further stimulus for thought from the varied comments to the author’s advice column article in the FT

A Life’s Path Determined at Age Eleven

Google: History of Eleven Plus for rich materials including life experiences

A Life’s Path Determined at Age Eleven this was the opening broadcast of a series on Class.

History of 11+


Are We Getting Smarter?

Yes, is the argument in a new book, discussed by Nicholas Kristof in NYT and called the Flynn Effect after the author.

The Makings of Our Earliest Memories

Interesting to read the early memories that readers reported as occurring when still young (c.5) and later in life.

Understanding How Children Develop Empathy

Worth reading for assessing contributions of experiences in growing up

Why I Work On My Summer Holiday

His article only reveals how blind he is to the consequences of being a workaholic and notably any sense of what he might be missing being one.

Social Darwinism: Obama, Brooks and The Stone

Obama’s speech

David Brooks critique (The Other Obama) and note the damning comments from readers on this

The Stone responds more deeply

“Without enormous support, access to inspiring teachers and skillful doctors, the backing of self-sacrificing relatives and a broader community, and without a fair bit of luck, the vast majority of people, not only in the United States but throughout the world, would never achieve the things of which they are, in principle, capable. In short, Horatio Alger needs lots of help, and a large thrust of contemporary Republican policy is dedicated to making sure he doesn’t get it.”