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Stitched And So Much More

Stitched – the trailer

Stitched the Film: Behind every Stitch, there is a story

Caryl Bryer Fallert

Hollis Chatelain

Randy Cook


International Quilt Festival, Houston 2010

SAQA Exhibit, International Quilt Festival, Houston 2010

Intimate Conversations: International Quilt Festival, Houston 2010

International Quilt Festival, Houston 2011

Taste of Festival 2011

First Place Prize Winners, Houston 2011

Japanese Quilts, International Quilt Festival, Houston 2011


International Quilt Shows

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, Oregon

Paducah Quilt Show

The National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky




Chuck Close

A Choir School Education

English Choir Schools

St. John’s College Choir School, Cambridge (1953-1957)

The Kings School, Ely (1957-1962)

How To Digitize Slides?

Mozzarella As Medium & Muse

An inspiring tale of bread, cheese and losing money

It’s All Connected

A revealing graphic overview of the Euro crisis

Mastering the Machine: How Ray Dalio Built the World’s Richest and Strangest Hedge Fund

New Point and Shoot Cameras

This is the beginning of  our search for a new point and shoot camera – technology has advanced considerably since we bought our Canon Powershot A570IS  Ai AF with 4X Optical Zoom 5.8-23.2mm and 7.1 Mega Pixels. Here are some options to consider:

A new Powershot is being previewed and expected out this fall

Two Thin Cameras Packing Fat Lenses

Light Field technology developed by Lytro is expected to release its first model later this fall.

Cameras Get Clever – Economist review

Sliding Seat Rowboats for Two – Aestate Perpetua

Much as we enjoyed it, while we were both working full time Plu and I had to give up double sculling at the Vancouver Rowing Club because we could not find the relatively large blocks of time it took to get down to the club and out on the water. But now with Plu retired and Tony about to join her, we are beginning to reconnoitre the options for getting a boat for the two of us to row regularly around False Creek and English Bay. Below are links to some of the options we have found to consider.

Some initial thoughts on pros and cons:

  • wooden boats are beautiful but are heavier to carry and row than fibreglass/carbon
  • generally wooden boats are more costly, up to twice as much new
  • wooden boats can be built substantially more cheaply from kits even when put together at the producers yard but still have their construction challenges
  • safety and stability favour choosing recreational rather than racing shell boat designs
  • sliding seats with outriggers are preferable to fixed seats with traditional rigs if we want to use them for exercise
  • being able to row as a single as well as a double is desirable
  • carbon fibre oars are preferable to wooden

Based on these considerations the options at the top of the list below initially appear to be more appealing and it seems likely a boat with basic equipment could be found for $7-9,000.

White Hall Spirit Tango 17

Little River Marine Heritage 15 and 18

Adirondack Wherry

Chesapeake Light Craft Annapolis Wherry

Virus Boats Yole Class

Hilmark Boats

Fyne Boat Kits

Attaching a Mirror to a Tiled Wall

In Barcelona we at long last found a mirror that would jazz up the bathroom wall on Tempus Fugit. The challenge now is to find a way to hang this rather heavy glass framed mirror on a tiled wall without damaging the tiles and securely enough to carry the significant weight on a rolling boat.

All Glass

Offering It Up

Wifi Boosters

Listed below are links to antennas that can boost the Wifi signal that I receive on my MacBook Air. I am looking for ways to improve reception from our boats in marinas in BC and France. Based on reviewing these options I have ordered the Bearextender to see how well it performs. & Does not work with OS 10.6.8 and above