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The Weakness of Positive Thinking

Depends on how you define and put into operation “positive thinking”

An Election Half Empty

Optimism and leadership and Jeb Bush’s candour

The Happiness Project

Book and references interesting review comments both pro and con

Let’s Be Less Productive

What does this imply for our individual lives as academics, the field of planning and governance?

A Richer Life By Seeing The Glass Half Full

Half Full

The Gardens of Democracy

The Gardens of Democracy: A New American Story of Citizenship, The Economy and the Role of Government

Authors on Charlie Rose

Honing Your Comparative Advantage

The Creative Monopoly Good thought Brooks but the wrong words for shaping and fostering the concepts appeal

Imagine & How We Decide

Jonah Lehrer



Evidence in Science and Religion

Part 1 Citing Chapter and Verse: Which Scripture Is The Right One?

Part 2 Evidence in Science and Religion

Thinking The Twentieth Century

Tony Judt’s Last Act: Sounding The Alarm

The New York Review of Books

Charlie Rose’s Green Room with Tony Judt