Writing a Book in WordPress: Advice and Examples


How to Write a Book in WordPress (brief, basics and to the point for me)

An Open, Webby, Book-Publishing Platform by Hugh McGuire a very useful overview of what is needed

It leads to the SFU students’ prototype The Book of MPub (need to review chapters)

Note particularly the chapter Pix or It Didn’t Happen: Social Networking, Digital Memory, and the Future of Biographyby Cynara Geissler . A quote introducing her chapter led me to Mary Schendlinger (Google her varied activities) and Roberto Dosil (listed among those advising and consulting; need to contact him).

Mary Schendlinger writes: “When one edits (and reads) biographies, one looks not only for accurate, interesting, well-organized information that tells a story and illuminates a life, but also for the presence of the biographer: a guiding intelligence that interprets the data, pointing out themes and threads, connecting incidents and documents, sorting and riffing on anecdotes supplied by others, and making some educated, compassionate guesses about what it all means.” So what is the role of the biographer, now that social media puts these tasks in the hands of the subject? Cynara Geissler drives home the point introduced by Eva Quintana: the accessibility of information in the digital age demands more, not less, curating [The Book Oven and Self-Publishing].

 Also note in the Colophon, last item in ToC,  the reference to Roberto’s guidance and the work of the “pressplay production team”

Note Pressbooks, who sent me an email (and see blog), about introducing a WordPress plugin for Pressbooks at end of January 2013 CHECK

NB Zinepal is a Victoria company that produces e-outputs and print from blogs and web sites

Dan Cohen Using WordPress as a Book-Writing Platform

The Ivory Tower and the Open Web: Introduction: Burritos, Browsers and Books

Stephanie Leary

Beginning WordPress 3 (based on reviews hold off on buying)

BUT Chapter 4 Working with Content is very useful for me and understandable

Writing and Publishing 101 worth selectively reviewing

WordPress for Dummies

Bonus Chapter 1 Designing for WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)

Bonus Chapter 3 Ten Great Sites That Use WordPress as a CMS

WordPress All-In-One for Dummies Index


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