The Westwater Research Centre that was founded in 1971 by Irving Fox, who brought me to UBC to be his assistant, became a part of the Institute for Resources and Environment in 1995, which has been the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (IRES) since 2002. Today I continue as a Professor jointly appointed in IRES with my courses cross-listed and serving on graduate student research committees.

On this page I hope to develop a short history of the 24 years during which Westwater thrived as an independent research centre in the Faculty of Graduate Studies with an international reputation for its interdisciplinary research on water resources management.

On the associated page Planning for Water Resources Management, I intend to discuss the experience with evolving approaches to Integrated Water Resources Management around the world and Canada’s tragic fall from grace as a country on the cutting edge of innovation in water resources governance. Please see my course Planning for Water Resources Management

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