My name is Tony Dorcey and I am the serendipitous pracademic. Until I retired in 2012 I was a Professor at the University of British Columbia, jointly appointed in the School of Community and Regional Planning and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability. At the same time, I was a practitioner engaged in urban and natural  resources sustainability planning, often as a facilitator or mediator. Today, I continue as Professor Emeritus of Community and Regional Planning.

Along with my wife, Plu, I am also a waterway cruiser.  In the spring and fall we sail around Canada’s Pacific Coast on Carpe Diem, a Catalina 320. In the summer we cruise the canals and waterways of Europe and the Mediterranean coast aboard Tempus Fugit, a Pikmeer Dutch Steel Kruiser .

The blog together with its collection of linked web pages is a place that I created a few years before retiring for reflecting on adventures past, present and to come of the pracademic and the cruisers. It began as an experiment, a means for exploring evolving ideas on an eclectic array of topics of interest to a pracademic and cruisers. I also found it had potentials for recording items I came across, which might remain unelaborated until time permits their development. Now that I am retired its evolution continues.

I have, however, decided to move the material on the serendipitous pracademic to its own web site and expand it into the place where I reflect on my life from my birth to now. When it becomes operational it will be entitled A Pracademic’s Life: From Laundry Boy to Professor Emeritus. The material relating to our cruising activities in Europe and in the Pacific Northwest will remain and be developed here under the new title Cruising Aboard Carpe Diem and Tempus Fugit: Plu and Tony’s Pacific Northwest and European Adventures. (Last updated 23 January 2013).

Plu and Tony Sailing on Carpe Diem in the San Juan Islands 2005