Planning to Transit Agde Spur Canal

Right Off Herault>onto Midi Canal>Round Lock>Left onto Spur Canal>at Bottom Rejoin Herault River Beneath the Barrage

From Round Lock Looking Down Spur to Railway Bridge

Moorage Near Round Lock Gate in Spur

Barge Entering Round Lock from Spur

Railway Bridge from Lock Side

Railway Bridge from the Herault River side

Looking Under the Footbridge up the Spur to the Railway Bridge from the Herault River

Exiting Spur into Herault River, Right Under Bridge to Med

Looking North up the Spur and Herault to the Midi along the Top

Looking Down the Herault from the Spur Canal Junction to the Med

Having got to the Med, the next question was how to travel along the coast, west to Gruissan.

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