Planning to Cross from Cap d’Agde to Gruissan

We would like to be sure of the weather conditions, particularly the wind, before leaving the Hérault River at Grau d’Agde to go down the Med coast to Gruissan, 30kms southwest. We are therefore thinking of  mooring as close as possible to the coast the night before going across to Gruissan. Since there does not appear to be much in the way of mooring options in the Hérault River, we are considering going east 4 kms and mooring in Cap d’Agde, which has a very large marina for the night before.

Grau d'Agde to Cap d'Agde

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Wind and Weather Reports from Locations with Stations


Aeroport Beziers/Cap d’Agde

Weather Online

Sailing in Gulf of Lion

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